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Producing the prefect interview

In terms of making a radio documentary its important that your interview is done right first time. This is because you do not want to make your interviewee repeat their strongest points, as you might miss the emotion and power in their voice, if they’re essentially reading from a script.

In order to produce the perfect interview there are a few steps I took to ensure the interview comes out the best way you had hoped for.

Research your interviewee.

Its important for your interviewee to notice that you’ve completed some background research surrounding your subject. For example, with Tom Bissmire I was lucky enough to already be a fan of his work, so the research I did for events he’s attended etc, wasn’t a difficult task.

Avoid common questions

With a lot of interviewees they undergo many interviews regarding similar basic questions. To avoid upsetting your subject, make sure you’re not asking anything they have answered in the past. Google search their name with interview beside it, this normally works. This also makes your interview unique.


If your subject is a sensitive subject, such as was the case with my interviews surrounding mental health, be aware that it’s not an easy subject to discuss. Be patient.

Not every interview is perfect

Interviews don’t always go as expected but with the use of editing software you can always find a soundbite in a conversation to use in your work. In my case in particular, I had an issue with discord, the software I was speaking to my interviewees on. The issue was that whenever I would speak, you would hear a beeping noise. In post production, this will be easy to cut.

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