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What I learned from the rough cut

Before I would be ready to make my project public

Interview preview with Woj Boczarski

My final interview was with former Counter Strike Source semi pro, Woj Boczarski. The interview with Woj primarily focused around the early days of Counter Strike and esports in general and how instead of having massive prize pools of £250k, they instead were given headsets, worth £40. We also spoke about the importance of staying on top of your life outside of the game, while grinding away to become the best, as you can hear in the preview below.

Interview Preview with Storme Lastat Drazic Duke

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Storme Lastat Drazic Duke, who gave me the insight on what its like for someone similar to me, that hasn’t attended many events but instead has grown up surrounded by the gaming community. Storme explained to me how gaming can sometimes be used as a way to forget the struggles of the world for a few hours, while having his focus on a video game he enjoys. A brief preview of the interview can be seen below, with Storme discussing the thought of attending a local lan event.

The Struggles of Sony Vegas

Editing for me has always been one of my biggest passions. From a young age I would spend days editing small projects for my own personal Youtube channel. Through this I became quite experienced with Sony Vegas, one of the most used editing software around the world. Unfortunately I was unaware with the issues that could arise from just editing audio. Without the visual indicators that I would have had in the past, it took me a while to get the hang of things. If I were to edit my project again, I would instead use audition, as its designed with audio in mind.

Interview Preview witth Tom Bissmire

Today I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Tom Bissmire surrounding his journey into Esports and the struggles he undertook with his mental health, particularly with issues he with anxiety. With the interview, Tom explained how he would have never pictured himself standing with 40,000 fans looking his way, as he commentates on one of the biggest games of V4 Future Sports Festival in Budapest, half way across the world from where he grew up in a small English town.

Producing the prefect interview

In terms of making a radio documentary its important that your interview is done right first time. This is because you do not want to make your interviewee repeat their strongest points, as you might miss the emotion and power in their voice, if they’re essentially reading from a script. In order to produce the perfect interview there are a few steps I took to ensure the interview comes out the best way you had hoped for. Research your interviewee. Its important for your interviewee to notice that you’ve completed some background research surrounding your subject. For example, with Tom Bissmire I was lucky enough to already be a fan […]

My first interview preparation

Monday 25th November After a brief conversation through email I have organised an interview with Tom Bissmire, one of the top Counter Strike Global Offensive Esports commentators. For the interview I will be doing it over discord. Discord is a free application and digital distribution platform designed for video gaming communities. The reason I will be using this form to have my interview is due to Tom currently being across the ocean and Discord is better quality compared to Skype or a phone call.

My Esports Focus – Counter Strike Global Offensive

With there being many forms of esports, I’ve chosen to focus my project surrounding Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO). CSGO is a competitive multiplayer shooter that pits two teams against each other, terrorists vs counter tourists, with each team tasked with eliminating the other while also completing a separate objective. The reason that I’ve decided to focus on Counter Strike as my Esports title is because it’s the Esport that I have the most knowledge on, as I’ve followed the games competitive scene since I was 15. Seeing the highs and lows of players journeys helped me to understand the power that Esports can have on the growing community it […]

Psychlogists views on esports and mental health

My original plan to interview an Esports psychologist didn’t go to plan. The primary issue I had in this case was that sports psychologist are very reluctant to speak to someone regarding esports. The reason behind this issue could be because esports is such a new form of entertainment, only developing to the mainstream in the last decade, that not many psychlogists have a lot of knowledge on it. Although, I did find a case of an Esports Psychlogist, Mia Stellberg that went indepth in a video on Youtube, about how she helped one of the biggest teams in Counter Strike Global offensive, win a major, one of the biggest […]

The pros and cons of Esports

The wide world of Esports has many benefits to the next generation but it also comes with negatives found with research, such as those listed below. Negatives of Esports Gambling Addiction Match-fixing Hectic Travels Toxic Community Long hours inside Positives of Esports Hand-eye coordination Problem Solving Job skills This is why from my research I’ve decided to focus my interview questions around the effects of the toxic community on the commentators and admins of Esports Events. I also used this research to decide to add a question to the gamer/pro player, whether the long hours made any changes to their mental health.