Psychlogists views on esports and mental health

My original plan to interview an Esports psychologist didn’t go to plan. The primary issue I had in this case was that sports psychologist are very reluctant to speak to someone regarding esports. The reason behind this issue could be because esports is such a new form of entertainment, only developing to the mainstream in the last decade, that not many psychlogists have a lot of knowledge on it. Although, I did find a case of an Esports Psychlogist, Mia Stellberg that went indepth in a video on Youtube, about how she helped one of the biggest teams in Counter Strike Global offensive, win a major, one of the biggest […]

The pros and cons of Esports

The wide world of Esports has many benefits to the next generation but it also comes with negatives found with research, such as those listed below. Negatives of Esports Gambling Addiction Match-fixing Hectic Travels Toxic Community Long hours inside Positives of Esports Hand-eye coordination Problem Solving Job skills This is why from my research I’ve decided to focus my interview questions around the effects of the toxic community on the commentators and admins of Esports Events. I also used this research to decide to add a question to the gamer/pro player, whether the long hours made any changes to their mental health.

Welcome to the project!

The rise of competitive gaming has given many youngsters a tempting prospect of Esports (Competitive gaming) as a career move. With my radio documentary I hope to look behind the curtains and see the pressures that traveling, competing and surrounding yourself in the world of Esports, can have on someones mental health. The way that I hope to achieve this goal is by speaking with players, commentators, admins and other members of the community, about any issues they’ve had in the scene, along with what they feel can be done to help the next generation of Esports players succeed in a healthy environment. My primariy hope is my project can […]